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The high-efficiency monocrystalline cell project of the leading photovoltaic company starts construction


On May 31, the intensive commencement ceremony of key projects in the second quarter of 2021 in Xi’an was held in Jinghe New City, Xixian New District. There are a total of 12 centralized construction projects with a total investment of up to 31.522 billion yuan.

Among them, the photovoltaic company Longi is very eye-catching. Its Longi Green Energy 15GW high-efficiency monocrystalline battery project in Jinghe New City, Xixian New District, with a total investment of 12.2 billion yuan, will become the world’s largest monomer Photovoltaic cell production base. And for the first time in the world, the N-type structure monocrystalline photovoltaic cell production process technology was adopted, which significantly improved the power generation efficiency and brought photovoltaic cost reduction and efficiency improvement to a new level.

 Recently, Longi has continuously announced a number of high-efficiency battery efficiency developments. Among them, the conversion efficiency of the N-type TOPCon battery reaches 25.09%, and the efficiency of the single-crystal double-sided N-type TOPCon battery is 25.21%, both breaking world records.

The construction project in Xi’an happens to be used to produce single-crystal photovoltaic cells with an N-type structure. It is very likely that a technical solution that breaks the world record will be adopted. I believe that the final efficiency will not be too different.

According to Longi’s 2020 annual report, as of the end of 2020, its monocrystalline silicon wafer production capacity is 85GW, monocrystalline cell production capacity is 30GW, and monocrystalline module production capacity is 50GW.

 Among them, there is a large gap in the production capacity of monocrystalline cells, which has become a short-board link in the company’s industrial chain. In order to make up for the shortcomings in battery production capacity and enhance the company’s industrial coordinated development level, it is conducive to give full play to the company’s integrated upstream and downstream integrated competitive advantages, and further enhance the company’s core competitiveness and sustainable profitability.

 LONGi has issued a fund-raising announcement on May 17, and plans to raise 7 billion yuan to invest in the “Xixian Leye Annual Output 15GW High-efficiency Monocrystalline Cell Project” and the “Ningxia Leye Annual Output 5GW Monocrystalline High-efficiency Cell Project (Phase 1 3GW) “This construction project belongs to the “Xixian Leye High-efficiency Monocrystalline Battery Project with an annual output of 15GW”, which shows the strong execution of Longji.

In addition, this project is also conducive to the local economic development of Xi’an. After the project is put into production, it is estimated that the annual operating income will be as high as 12 billion yuan, which can increase about 4,000 jobs.