•  Witproton New Arrival 1500VDC 120A IP67 25MM2 300MM Long Cable Connector Lead for Energy Storage


    Advantages of our energy storage connectors cable

    Energy special storage connectors are single-core connectors, suitable for 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2 Cable.

    Compacting size, quick and convenient connection, use right-angle structure to save space for wiring.

    With the function of positive and negative pole misinsertionprevention, it can rotate 360° , which is convenient for multi-directional Angle installation and outlet.

    Adopting built-in connection locking structure.In the compact space, a high-voltage interlock design is added, which can protect the connector well during the mating process.

    Appearance upgrade, with excellent anti - shock protection function.

    This customized cable size is 25mm2, cable length is 300mm and a set of connector at 2 sides.





25MM2 300MM Long Cable Connector Lead for Energy Storage

Energy storage sub

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